The Mini Cook

Becoming a CHEF was destiny with the last name COOK!

 My grandmother shared stories of being a FOSTER CHILD and what meals were like for her.  It is something that has stuck with me my entire life.

She was never allowed to be in the kitchen and experience not only the necessity of the skill, but the wonderful experience of building positive memories that connect ALL OF US, everywhere. Cooking with my family as a child was an opportunity I never took for granted.

It was a gift!

 MY DREAM: to find the resources to create a kitchen that feels like HOME and bring children together that have not yet been adopted.

safe place that is filled with love, encouragement and laughter along with kitchen skills using Farm Fresh Ingredients to create fun and delicious Foods.

Ball Jar foods prepared by Jennifer Cook


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smoothies by Jen Cook


Chef Jen Cook of Chappaqua New York