Welcome to Chappaqua Wellness Center!

Chappaqua Wellness Center is the new name for my existing massage business started in June of 1995, Lighten Up Massage. I have always steered clear of having a "spa" image. Massage is so much more than just a luxury you have on vacation. All of us here at CWC believe that along with Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, the power of physical appearance and education on healthy skin through Aesthetics along with a deeper understanding of who you are and acceptance of the power you control as to how you choose to continue into your future through Psychic Consultation all play a Vital role in our well being.

We have a very special group of professionals that have come together to create a loving, healing and safe environment. We treat our professions as a calling to support others as they go through their own unique and personal growth.
We hope you will come and be a part of our special center.

-Jen Cook, Founder/ Massage Therapist/ Chef

Wellness Center Location & Hours

hours of operation for Chappaqua Wellness Center

Chappaqua Wellness Center is located at 400 King St., #4, Chappaqua, NY 10514.


Our Hours of Operation fluctuate to accomodate our clients' busy schedules. We are known for coming in as early as 7am for some, while others prefer appointments later in the evening. We are open every day, so please call for an appointment.



I am always taking on new projects, and I would love to keep you informed on upcoming events...

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